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Presidential Search Committee Confidentiality and Integrity Statement

As a member of the Search Committee for the President of the University of Vermont it is very important that committee members recognize and respect the essential need for confidentiality and integrity in the conduct of this search.
Confidentiality is necessary to attract the highest quality candidates, to avoid putting their current positions in jeopardy, and to protect the University’s integrity.

As a committee member you agree to the following:

  • Confidentiality of all deliberations, written materials, and other communications related to the work of the Search Committee including information developed and received about prospects, candidates and their home institutions.
  • Not to discuss or communicate in any manner confidential information with anyone other than members of the Search Committee.
  • The obligation to maintain confidentiality applies to before and after (and forever) the Search Committee completes its work.
  • Co-Chairs of the Search Committee are the only ones authorized to speak on behalf of the search committee, in particular the media.
  • Not to contact individuals for informal references or other information on candidates unless this is specifically requested.
  • Disclose promptly to the Co-Chairs any real or potential conflict of interest in relationship to you and a prospect or candidate.
  • Conduct on the Search Committee will be guided by these general principles:
  • Adherence to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct;
  • Guard against inaccuracies, carelessness, bias, and distortion made by either emphasis or omission of information;
  • Strive to treat issues impartially and handle controversial subjects dispassionately; and
  • Treat all members of the Committee with civility and respect.

Most important, committee members will place the best interests of the University ahead of all special and personal interests, and will use common sense and good judgment in applying ethical principles to all Search Committee work.

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