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We work with you to commercialize innovations you create at UVM. As the steward of the University's intellectual property assets, UVM Innovations can help protect your rights, assess the commercial potential of your invention, market the invention to potential licensees,and share the revenues from your discovery.

Our team offers the business, technical, scientific, legal, and financial experience you need to handle the entire spectrum of intellectual property administration, from initial assessment to license administration. As you continue to innovate at UVM, we urge you to consider us your partner and primary resource.

For an overview of the process, please see "The 5 Steps of Technology Commercialization," below.

UVM Ventures Funds

Also available to UVM innovators are two UVMVentures Funds, the Pre-Seed Capital Fund and the Innovations Fund. These funds provide financial support for the development of inventions at UVM. Information and applications for both are included on this website.

The 5 Steps of Technology Commercialization
Step 5 - Licensing your innovation
Step 1 - Submitting your innovation
Step 4 - Marketing your innovation
Step 2 - Assessing your innovation
Step 3 - Protecting your innovation