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The UB April 2011

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The College Visit: Tips and Pointers

Approaching graduation, often high school students are bombarded with a plethora of slick and glitzy literature from colleges attempting to entice the students to apply. With each school appearing more fabulous than the last, how is a student to decide where to apply, and later, in which school to enroll?

"Exactly because of the increased marketing efforts that colleges and universities are doing for today's student, publications and even Web sites are quite glamorous," acknowledges Mary Napier, former dean of admissions at Stetson University, DeLand. That's why Napier and most other experts advise translating the slick brochures into reality. They contend that visiting campuses is crucial to the college decision-making process. The visit, Napier says, "is probably the single most important part of a student's college search.

Students seeing and experiencing a campus firsthand are providing real answers to their own questions about environment, programs, quality, and even the look and feel of the campus." Napier joins some Stetson students in offering advice for getting the most out of a campus visit:

Use all that slick literature you got from the college, as well as other references, to prepare for your visit. "Read," advises Napier. "Talk with people who have gone to the institution -- arrive with an open mind." If you plan to visit several campuses, take notes and perhaps even photos.

Have an idea what you're looking for before you visit. "Every college isn't for everybody," observes Amy Darling, a recent Stetson graduate and former member of Student Ambassadors, the group that conducts tours and hosts prospective students on the Stetson campus. "Students should try to figure out what they want in a college and why before they come and observe all they can to find out if the school they are touring fits the criteria."

Take the tour, but also take time to go beyond first impressions. "Don't give in to the sound-bite, MTV mentality," Napier advises. "Schedule enough time to arrive before the tour starts and walk around. Then take the 'official tour' with an idea of what you hope to learn -- prepare questions in advance." Darling suggests prospective students be honest with themselves when formulating questions and forming impressions. "They need to ask the questions that are in their minds," Darling says. "It is sometimes hard to do so with parents around, so taking the tour without parents might be a good idea."

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College Testimonial by Justine Mee

My name is Justine Mee and I’m agraduate of the University of Vermont. I worked for the Upward Bound office as my work study job, and I really enjoyed it. I grew up in Rutland, VT and attended Rutland Senior High School. I come from a pretty normal family. I have both of my parents and an older sister. Going to college was always enforced in my house. My mother is a teacher and believes strongly in education, so that may have had something to do with it. My sister is graduated from Castleton State College. Both my sister and I helped pay for our college education, which can be a scary thought, but when all of my schooling was done I knew it was worth it.

I always knew I wanted to go to college, so I started preparing for it as soon as I started high school. Grades were very important to me in high school and in college. I knew that to get into a good school I would have to work hard and prove that I could handle challenging courses. I always made sure to hand my work in on time, revise what I had done, and ask for help from a teacher if I didn’t understand the assignment. Another thing that I found to be helpful was finding a teacher each year that I could talk to. I think it’s very important to have an adult to talk to while going through the college process, they can give you feedback, support your ideas and write a really well thought out recommendation for you because they know you as a student and as a person. All of the college talk/process can be daunting, but it is worth it to go to a college that will be right for you. I’m still very happy with the decision I made to attended UVM. I loved the people, environment, and energy that I felt when I was on campus and if I can advise someone else to find a place that’s right for them, I would!


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