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Public Impact Research Award

Award Goals

The Public Impact Research Scholarship expands the funding sources for students who are engaged in a research/creative internship (or internship with significant research/creative component) in the non-profit sector, with a non-governmental or governmental agency. This award is for students who will be able to take the un-paid or under-paid internship regardless of receipt of this funding. This scholarship is meant only to defray a student's personal costs. What we hope is that this scholarship will ease the financial burden on students as they gain the applied research skills necessary to pursue future academic or professional goals and opportunities including full-time jobs, graduate programs, and national fellowships.

Your traditional internship may have a research component, or you may be learning research skills directly from a more skilled professional in your field, either way the student is actively engaging in the community and applying the knowledge s/he has obtained from the classroom, but will also be deriving some additional skills during the internship. 

Applications are accepted as part of the common UVM Internship Scholarship available through the Career Center. Use the budget sheet on the Career Center application. Have your faculty sponsor submit the Faculty Sponsor Form, which may be downloaded here. Complete and send directly to OUR.

Public Impact recipients must present their research at the annual UVM Student Research Conference in April, generally in the year following their internships. If you have specific questions about this award, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research directly. If you have questions about the specific application steps, contact Amanda Chase of the Career Center.

We strongly advise you to attend a funding workshop

To apply: Visit the Career Center's Internship Scholarship Information page.

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