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Workforce Development


The Transportation Systems Institute (TSI) is a program that helps to support the development and growth of current employees and to attract new talent to the Department of Transportation (DOT) through mentoring, succession planning and continuing education.Find out more
The Transportation Systems Academy (TSA) is geared at working with non-traditional labor pools to provide career awareness and hands-on training for transportation industry jobs. Find out more


Second Careers in Transportation (SCT) is committed to attracting older workers, retirees and veterans from other industries to bring their skills to bear on the 21st-century challenges in transportation. Find out more
The Community Colleges Program worked with the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) to provide for greater community college engagement in the transportation workforce development efforts and assessed what community colleges are currently doing and could do in the future to preapre the next generation of transportation workers. Find out more




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