V-TRC Past Projects

Research Completed through the VTrans RAC Program

Principal Investigator Project Title
Bomblies, Arne The Changing Risk of Extreme Event Impacts on Vermont Transportation Infrastructure
Dewoolkar, Mandar Designing Sustainable Porous Pavements for Northern Communities
Dewoolkar, Mandar Correlating Laboratory Behavior of Porous Concrete to Field Performance
Dewoolkar, Mandar Use of Piles in Slope Stabilization
Dewoolkar, Mandar Verification of Abutment and Retaining Wall Design Assumptions
Dewoolkar, Mandar Prediction and Mitigation of Scour for Vermont Bridges
Dewoolkar, Mandar Porous Concrete – Chloride Resistance and Freeze/Thaw Durability
Dewoolkar, Mandar Quantifying the Vulnerability of Vermont Bridges to Seismic Loading
Ghazanfari, Ehsan Intelligent Compaction for Embankment, Subgrade, and Base Materials Construction in Vermont
Hernandez, Eric Vibration Monitoring and Load Characteristics Evaluation of I-89 Bridges 58 N and S, Richmond
Hernandez, Eric Statistical Analysis of Weigh-In-Motion Data to Validate Use of HL-93 AASHTO Vehicle Live Load for Bridge Design in Vermont
Huston, Dryver Cost-Effective and Rapid Concrete Repair Techniques
Lee, Brian Work Zones and Travel Speeds: The Effects of Uniform Traffic Officers and Other Speed Management Measures
Lee, Brian Statewide Analysis of Guardrails, Curves and Crashes
Lee, Brian Personal Transportation Plan Pilot Program
Novak, David Examining how Disinvestment in Vermont’s Roadway Infrastructure Network may Impact Access to Critically Important Locations throughout the State
Pinder, George Optimal Design of Porous Concrete Pavement
Sicotte, Richard Renegotiation of Highway Construction Contracts: An Economic Analysis of Change Orders Issued by the Vermont Agency of Transportation, 2004-2009
Sullivan, James Optimization of Snow Removal in Vermont
Sullivan, James Travel Importance and Strategic Investment in Vermont
Sullivan, James Long-Term and Short-Term Measures of Roadway Snow and Ice Control Performance
Sullivan, James Strategic Location of Satellite Salt Storage for Roadway Snow and Ice Control in Vermont
Sullivan, James Using Remote Data Collection to Identify Bridges and Culverts Susceptible to Blockage During Flooding Events
Sullivan, James Development of GIS Tools to Optimize Identification of Road Segments Prone to Flood Damage
Watts, Richard Incentives for Efficient Transportation
Watts, Richard Efficient Transportation Systems for Vermont
Watts, Richard Quantifying Vermont Transportation Safety Factors
Wu, Xindong Harvesting Data from Advanced Technologies
Xia, Tian High Speed Ground Penetrating Radar for Road Pavement and Bridge Structural Inspection and Maintenance


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