TRC Alum Stops by During Vermont Visit


TRC Alum Nick Leggett visited Farrell Hall

The TRC was recently visited by former UVM MPA student and TRC alum, Nicholas Legette.  Nick, who is a Vermont native, stopped by to check in with his former colleagues while visiting the state and we were able to sit down and see how UVM and the TRC benefited him in his new career.

As a graduate student Nick interned with Vermont Emergency Management, now the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, which lead to his current position working for an insurance adjuster in San Francisco specializing in disasters.  He leveraged his emergency management experience and his former position as an outreach specialist with the TRC to help him build relationships with organizations and agencies that are involved in disaster response.  He described using a systems approach in his day job to break down any information silos that exist, a skill developed during his MPA education.  He was sure to point out that his experience at UVM was instrumental in gaining the skills and experience needed for his current career.

While he misses Vermont and UVM greatly, he said he loves that he no longer requires a car to get around thanks to the large transit system in and around San Francisco.  When he does need a car he can simply use his Zip Car membership or call on services like Uber.  Nick pointed out that he really missed the Vermont landscape and that it was nice to be back in the endless green of a Vermont spring, especially since he was visiting from California which is suffering from a multi-year drought.  The drought however, is just one of the many disasters that keeps Nick in business.

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