2013 TRC Student Research Conference

UVM Student Research Conference: Transportation Posters, Videos, and Schedules

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Schedule and abstracts of transportation-related presentations

  • Tyler Feralio – Biodiesel vs. Petro-diesel: a comparison of particle number emissions at 80% load
  • Kristine Harootunian – Drive Like a Local! Findings from the Vermont State Crash Database
  • Ben Schilling – Machine-Man Collaboration for Counting Pedestrians, Bicycles, and Cars in Video
  • Rob Fish – Reducing Vehicle Idling in Vermont: A Community Based Strategic Communication & Intervention Plan
  • Chester Harvey – The relationship between multimodal transportation infrastructure and housing prices in Baltimore
  • John Kasumba – Is Biodiesel Really Better? Effects of Biodiesel on Particulate Matter Emissions
  • Phoebe Spencer – Bicycle Transportation and Quality of Life: Qualitative
    Connections between Mobility and Wellbeing

  • Isaac Lawrence – A Model to Predict Impervious Surface Impacts of Land Use and Transportation System Change with UrbanSim
  • Tim Pede – Assessing the use of UrbanSim for energy consumption estimates: A Chittenden County Case Study
  • Nicholas Leggett – Transportation Workforce Development in Vermont and Northern New England
  • Nathan Reigner – Multi-scale integrated modeling of high volume pedestrian travel and experiential quality in a large nature-based recreation area
  • Ben Carlson – Best practices in transportation communications and applications for UVM’s Transportation Research Center
  • 2012 Schedule of Transportation-Related Posters and Presentations (with Abstracts)

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