Associated Faculty

Associated Faculty Directory

The TRC brings together University of Vermont faculty from seven colleges to accomplish interdisciplinary collaboration on transportation-related research.

Lisa Aultman-Hall School of Engineering
Pablo Bose Department of Geography
William (Breck) Bowden Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Lisa C. Chase UVM Extension, VT Tourism Data Center
Meghan Cope Department of Geography
Chris Danforth Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Mandar Dewoolkar School of Engineering
Peter Dodds Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Margaret Eppstein Department of Computer Science
Jeff Frolik  School of Engineering
Eric Hernandez School of Engineering
Paul Hines School of Engineering
Britt A. Holmen School of Engineering
Dryver Huston College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Chris Koliba Community Development & Applied Economics
Jane Kolodinsky Community Development & Applied Economics
Tom Macias Department of Sociology
Jeff Marshall School of Engineering
Glenn McRae MPA
Deborah Neher Department of Plant & Soil Science
David C. Novak School of Business Administration
George Pinder School of Engineering
Donna Rizzo School of Engineering
Richard Sicotte Department of Economics
Julie Smith Department of Animal Science
Luis Vivanco Department of Anthropology
Qingbin Wang Community Development and Applied Economics
Richard Watts Community Development and Applied Economics
Beverley Wemple Department of Geography
Asim Zia Community Development and Applied Economics

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