TRC Staff, Faculty, and Faculty Associates

TRC Staff, Faculty, and Faculty Associates

Lisa Aultman Hall Profile Picture Lisa Aultman-Hall, Ph.D.
Professor, Civil Engineering, National Center for Sustainable Transportation | 802-656-1245

Abby Bleything Profile Picture

Abby Bleything
Outreach Professional, Clean Cities Coordinator | 802-656-9123
DSC_4342 Jonathan Dowds
Research Analyst | 802-656-1433
 julie-2 Julie Dowds
Outreach Professional, New England Transportation Consortium
Glenn McRae Profile Picture Glenn McRae, Ph.D.
Outreach Manager & Director, NE Transportation Workforce Center Director | 802-656-1317
peggy_photo1 Peggy A. O’Neill-Vivanco
Workforce Outreach Coordinator
KarenSentoff Karen Sentoff
Research Specialist | 802-656-5867
maddy Madeline Suender
Administrative and Research Assistant
jimsullivan_profile James Sullivan
Research Projects Director | 802-656-9679
HannahUllman headshot Hannah Ullman
Outreach Assistant | 802-656-1306
Carol Vallett Profile Picture Carol Vallett, Ed.D
Program Evaluator

Faculty Associates

britt headshot crop  
Britt A. Holmen
Director, UVM Transportation Air Quality Lab
dave headshot crop  
David Novak
Associate Professor, Grossman School of Business
Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne
Director, UVM Spatial Analysis Lab 
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