The Role of Transportation in Expanding the Democratic Ideal of National Parks

Xiao Xiao has been studying at UVM’s Park Studies Lab for the past three years as a Transportation Research Associate. She completed her undergraduate and Master’s studies at Nanjing University in Tourism Management (2010) and Human Geography (2013). Her master’s thesis focused on the formative mechanism and spatial differences of … Continue reading

UVM, BED Unveil On-Campus Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The University of Vermont and the Burlington Electric Department today officially unveiled four dual-port electric vehicle (EV) charging stations positioned in strategic locations around the campus. During a joint news conference at the new Aiken Center charging station, UVM and BED representatives highlighted their commitment to increased workplace charging opportunities … Continue reading

Robert Manning Published Work

Robert Manning, Director of the University of Vermont’s Park Studies Lab and a professor of environment and natural resources published a commentary in the April 13th edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education extolling the national parks as living laboratories that could be much more highly utilized by universities and … Continue reading