Electric Vehicle Charging: Distribution Transformer Impacts, Smart Charging, and Transportation Modeling

In 2012, worldwide sales of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) are expected to surpass 257,000 units, and North American sales are expected to exceed 66,200 units.  Predictions estimate that U.S. PEV annual sales will reach 640,000 units by 2015.  Additionally, 2012 marks the introduction of seven new PEV manufacturers, including BMW, … Continue reading

FHWA Associate Administrator for Civil Rights provides counsel for Vermont National Summer Transportation Institute Students

Warren S. Whitlock, the Associate Administrator for Civil Rights at FHWA came to Vermont for the final day of the National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI).  He facilitated a discussion for the 22 high schools students who were completing their two weeks of experiential education in transportation systems and careers, and … Continue reading

VTCCC Hosts EV Owners Luncheon

On August 13, 2012 eight electric vehicle owners from Vermont came together at Healthy Living Market and Café in South Burlington for a luncheon held by the Vermont Clean Cities Coalition (VTCCC). On hand were the owners of four Chevy Volts, two Teslas, one converted motorcycle, and one converted sedan. … Continue reading

Network Analysis of Organizations Promoting Sustainable Transportation

Do social networks affect sustainable transportation organizations aiming to influence the policy-making process? This is a question that transportation research scholar, Aaron Witham, has been researching for the past two years while pursuing his M.S. in natural resources from the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources and his graduate … Continue reading

UVM Transportation Air Quality lab Joins CEMS New High-Tech Collaborative Research Laboratory

Four leading researchers from Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and the new Bioengineering programs will be cross-pollinating in a new high-tech laboratory on the second floor of Votey Hall. Drs. Britt Holmén, Mary Dunlop, Jane Hill, and Rachael Oldinski have access to nearly 3000 square feet of space for collaborative research … Continue reading