Catching Up: Tim Pede

Tim Pede explored the relationship between building and transportation energy use in cities as a UVM graduate student and a Graduate Research Assistant at the Transportation Research Center.  After graduating with his Master’s Degree from the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, Tim started a PhD program at the … Continue reading

Protecting Vermont’s Roads from the Air

The impact of Tropical Storm Irene on Vermont was felt everywhere a road followed along a river or stream. Roads washed out, bridges failed and fell into turbulent waters, and state and town highway departments scrambled to restore roadways to permit responders to get in and help. The response by … Continue reading

ICYMI: Understanding Long-Distance Travel Behavior

If you missed last Friday’s Brown Bag Lecture Series presentation by Dr. Jeff LaMondia you’re in luck because we recorded the entire presentation.  There was a problem with the projector during the presentation which is why the screen appears yellow but fortunately we have the presentation in PDF form which you can access by Clicking here.