Aalto University Summer School – Day 2

Today’s update comes from Phoebe:

Tuesday brought us a day of learning about the development of megaprojects from four different speakers. Dr. Moshe Givoni visited from the University of Tel Aviv, discussing high speed rail investments. Next, Dr. Eda Beyazit spoke about spatial inequalities in the development of the Istanbul metro system. Both of these talks sparked discussion on equity issues surrounding the costs and benefits of large-scale transportation projects (a topic near and dear to my own research). Following lunch at our local campus cafeteria, we heard from Henrik Sylvan on the Øresund bridge, connecting Denmark and Sweden, and Dr. Antti Talvitie on a psychoanalysis of transit development in Helsinki. This course continues to provide new perspectives for Paola and I to frame transportation research and challenges us to consider our studies on a global scale.


After today’s lectures, we visited a historic fort via public transportation (a ferry) with students from Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, and Germany. Our Finnish words of the day are “kartta” (map) and “lautta” (ferry). We also finally mastered the pronunciation of the neighborhood we are staying in, Töölö, which has proved far more difficult than navigating the city. Check out our photos of Angry Birds soda, an underground bus station, and some Finnish transportation.




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