Robert Manning Published Work

Robert Manning, Director of the University of Vermont’s Park Studies Lab and a professor of environment and natural resources published a commentary in the April 13th edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education extolling the national parks as living laboratories that could be much more highly utilized by universities and … Continue reading

April Transportation Works from NETWC

              NE Center Updates Job Needs and Priorities Report We are actively collecting information for Phase II of the JNPR report. If you know of an outstanding program that is preparing the workforce of the future, please share with us.  We’re especially interested in … Continue reading

Transportation Radio Feature

Across the US, University Transportation Research Centers are charged with doing transportation research and helping to prepare people to work in the transportation field. One of these centers is located at the University of Vermont in Burlington. Transportation Radio talked with two members of the staff, Dr. Glenn McRae, Associate … Continue reading

Bi-Weekly Electrical Engineering Seminar

Trillions Will Depend On Whether Driverless Cars Require Human Drivers Invited Speaker: Mr. Chunka Mui Seminar time: April 1, 1:10 pm – 2:10 pm Location: Perkins 102   Abstract: A global race is underway to build driverless autonomous cars. The entrants fall into two camps. On one side is Toyota and most … Continue reading