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Resident Purple Permit

Number Lot
1. Hunt Lot
2. Mercy Lot
3. Cottages Lot
4. McAuley Lot
5. Upper Lot
6. Jeanne Mance Lot
7. Gutterson Garage (not mapped on this page)
8. Catamount West
resident-purple alt text

6. Jeanne Mance Lot

res-purple-2-catamountwest_w244_h277 alt text

This Permit Allows You To Park:

  • In any lot designated "Resident Purple";
  • In any lot designated "Faculty/Staff" weekdays between 6:00pm and 7:00am;
    You must move your car before 7:00am to avoid getting a citation.
  • In Gutterson Garage (not mapped on this page), in the following locations:
    • All enclosed sections of the garage;
    • Unenclosed parking on the middle level, top surface level and top deck of the garage in spaces demarcated with yellow lines;

    • Check for posted "Lot Closing" signs indicating partial lot closure due to special events.
    No overnight parking on the top deck of the Gutterson garage between 11:00pm and 7:00am from November 15 through April 1.

This Permit Does NOT Allow You To Park:

  • In residential lots posted as "restricted to other residential permits at all times". These include: "Resident Black" (Chittenden-Buckham-Wills) and "Resident Blue" (Harris-Millis, U-Heights, MAT) and "Resident Red" (Redstone Campus);
  • In any lot designated "Faculty/Staff" weekdays between 7:00am and 6:00pm.
  • In the ground level uneclosed area of the Gutterson Garage designated as University Medical Center parking;
  • For free in the "Pay By Space" area on the top level of Gutterson Garage in the yellow area on the map to the left (numbered spaces demarcated with white lines). If you park there, you must pay during enforced hours;
    Permits must correspond with the lot restrictions as posted.
  • Student residential lots require a permit at ALL times, INCLUDING WEEKENDS.

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