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On-Campus Students:

ATTENTION: NO Parking Permits Available

    Due to circumstances contributing to limited campus parking this academic year, we are unable to continue to offer residential students the opportunity to purchase a permit to park on campus. This is effective immediately and this parking "cap" is until further notice. We will be monitoring the space capacity on a daily basis and will notify you via email if circumstances change. This means no new Waivers will be approved, unless it is for medical reasons and approved by the appropriate departments.

  • Please do not bring a vehicle back to the University unless you have made formal and valid arrangements to park it off campus. We do not provide information for parking sites we do not own and manage.
  • There will continue to be NO EXCEPTIONS granted for convenience and transportation.
  • Please remember, it is a violation to purchase a permit for another student, ask another student to purchase one for you, and/or falsify information on a permit application. ALL participants in this violation, no matter when discovered, will result in a referral to UVM Police Department, the Center for Student Conduct, loss of parking privileges and the possibility of the vehicle removal by tow (at owner's expense). Along with confiscation of the permit, no refunds for purchased permits will be granted to persons involved.

    Visit our website for some examples of commuting resources and to see how the CATS shuttle service will assist you to get to the Burlington Transit Center (downtown), Burlington International Airport and the Amtrak station in Essex Junction for breaks.


    CATS Shuttles

2018-2019 Commuter Students Parking Permit Purchase Information

Parking Services works very closely with Residential Life to offer parking permits to eligible students as soon as possible. We cannot sell Commuter-type permits on-line until the middle of August when Residential Life finalizes their residential address. By importing these addresses, our database differentiates the residential students from the commuting students. If you wish to purchase a commuting parking permit for the Fall, you must wait until its availability is announced on our website. may purchase your commuter permit all summer long at our office. Many students with summer classes purchase the summer session permit, along with what they need for the upcoming year.

Eligibility Determined by Local Address

  • Commuter permits are sold to students in accordance to their local address. Please read the agreement carefully when you apply. It is a declaration you understand you must not misrepresent your local address in order to obtain a parking permit you do not qualify for.
  • We have been instructed by the University not to sell daytime commuter permits to students within the "Commuter Evening" range described and illustrated on our website. If your local address is within the blue circle surrounding the University and you wish to purchase a parking permit, you must select a "Commuter Evening" permit. Misrepresenting your address is a Parking violation, with University sanctions, including, but not limited to, a referral to the Center for Student Conduct and your revocation of parking eligibility.

Warehousing Your Vehicle on Campus

If approved by Parking Services, commuter students may warehouse their vehicles on campus with a special permit. This special permit is sold at a price of $8 per day ($40 per week) and parking is designated by Parking Services.

  • The price of your commuter permit does not pay for warehousing your vehicle on campus or overnight parking.
  • When approved, you must give Parking Services a contact person and phone number to someone who has keys to your vehicle in case it needs to be moved.
  • Your vehicle must be parked where Parking Services designated.

Redstone Lofts / Redstone Apartments

Tenants or subtenants: UVM parking permits are not available for Redstone Lofts or Redstone Apartments tenants or subtenants. This includes warehousing. Please check with your individual main offices for your parking options.

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