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Supplemental Placards "Home Area" Definitions

Main campus buildings are divided into four (4) "home areas" (Core, Given, South, and Waterman). Home lots establish the amount of time supplemental placards allow one to park. The basic idea is when you are in your home area, you can't park as long using a supplemental placard. Home areas not located on the core campus are described in an alternate manner on your placard.

Core Area

Buildings Lots
16 Colchester Avenue
23 Mansfield Ave.
Billings Center
Cage Heating
Cook Physical Science Building
Dewey Hall
Fleming Museum
Kalkin Building
Lafayette Hall
Mansfield House
Morrill Hall
Old Mill
Perkins Building
Royall Tyler Theatre
Torrey Hall
Votey Building
Williams Hall
02 Colchester Avenue
16 Colchester Avenue
23 Mansfield Ave.
Cage Heating

Given Area

Buildings Lots
Aiken Center
Bailey/Howe Library
Carrigan Building
Davis Center
UVM Med Center - MFU
Given Building
Jeffords Building
Marsh Life Science
Rowell Building
Terrill Hall
Jeffords Lot

South Area

Buildings Lots
479 Main Street
481 Main Street
589 Main Street
151-153 South Prospect Street
178 South Prospect Street
Allen House
Grasse Mount
Pomeroy Hall
178 South Prospect Street
Allen House
Grasse Mount

Waterman Area

Buildings Lots
438 College Street
440 College Street
425 Pearl Street
31 South Prospect Street
41-43 South Prospect Street
109 South Prospect Street
184 South Prospect Street
194 South Prospect Street
34 South Williams Street
70 South Williams Street
86 South Williams Street
146 South Williams Street
UVM Med Center - UHC
Waterman Building
Wheeler House
440 College Street
34 South Williams
70 South Williams
86 South Williams
146 South Williams

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