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Wait List — Green

Zone Green parking spaces are usually distributed through the use of the Zone Green Wait List. Since many employees do not opt to park on campus, persons are not automatically put on the list upon being hired, thus it is your responsibility to get yourself on the wait list if you wish. There is some thought that you should consider adding yourself to the list even if you are not sure you want a green permit.

Reasons to Get on the List (even if a Zone Brown or Zone White is currently working for you)

  • Departments move to different locations on campus, making a convenient parking area to your workplace now a Zone Green parking lot.
  • You may leave your current job and accept a position where the most convenient parking area to your workplace is a Zone Green parking lot.
  • Capital projects may change the focus of a parking area to reassign it to a Zone Green parking lot.
  • Parking areas may have to be eliminated to pave way for a capital project.
  • Getting on the list is free and you can always decline, or decline and ask to be put back on the list (starting from the bottom).

Who qualifies to be put on the Zone Green Wait List?

  • Only employees are eligible to be put on the Zone Green Wait List. This includes full and part-time faculty/staff, temporary employees, and affiliated employees. Student employees do not qualify for employee-type permits. Director-level equivalents and above are exempted from the Zone Green Wait List.
  • Persons whom the University relocated off-campus and gave up their Zone Greens, are placed at the top of the list upon being relocated back to campus.

How do I get on the list?

The only way to get on the wait list is to log into your Parking Portal or through the Account Self-Service link on the right hand side of this page. Scroll to bottom to the "Permits" section, click on Zone Green Waitlist. Use this link to get on the wait list, and to check your status.

No verbal or written requests will be honored for someone to be put on the wait list.

What happens when I get put on the list?

The date of your request (either application date or date of e-mail) becomes the date determining your ranking. This chronological date ranking becomes important as spaces are released, and this ranking stays with you when the entire University, as a whole, is looked at.

Keep in mind our mission is to assign parking so employees quickly find a parking space (not necessarily outside your work area) and do not waste time hunting for a space. When we release spaces, we look for the employees on the list, in chronological ranking, who work adjacent to the available lots. We follow the same work address/parking lot "Home Areas" as defined on the Supplemental Placards "Home Area" Definitions webpage.

For employees not working in the designated areas mentioned, the wait list categorizes them in "Not Applicable" area. Since these work addresses are in the peripheral of main campus, employees having Zone Greens do not pose a significant impact on the core of campus, but would allow them to park in Zone Green lots to attend meetings, etc. We release a small number of Zone Greens for employees working in a "Not Applicable" area each time we release from main campus.

There are empty spaces — Yay!

On a daily basis, enforcement staff record empty spaces in the lots they are checking. These are recorded in our parking database and reviewed periodically to check for possible availability. Also, twice a year, in the middle of March and October (peak parking periods), a "snapshot" is taken of campus usage. Along with recording how each lot is being used, a count of empty spaces is done.

When it is determined empty spaces consistently are available, the wait list is reviewed. The wait list is often 600 names long and each possible name has to be checked for current eligibility before making the offer. It is this long because some past employees are retained on the wait list. In accordance to Human Resources benefits, full-time employees working more than three years and return before two years are eligible to retain certain benefits, this being one of them.

In chronological order, and looking at current work addresses, eligible persons are e-mailed at their "" e-mail address. This address is the only address imported into our parking database from Human Resources. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE USING ANY OTHER E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR UVM BUSINESS TO MAKE SURE THIS ADDRESS IS FORWARDED TO THE ONE YOU USE. This offer has a deadline which must be adhered to.

  • If you accept the offer... you must exchange whatever parking permit you are using for a Zone Green parking permit at our office. In some instances, you may be asked to provide a letter from your department stating you are still affiliated with them.
    • Please remember: Zone Green is a privilege, so if you are participating in the Occasional Use program, you may exchange any unused days from your current permit to Occasional Use Green. If the permit was for free days, there will be no cost to you for the exchange. If you are paying for the days, you will have to pay for the difference.
  • If you decline the offer... you will be taken off the list or put at the bottom, whichever you request.
  • If you do not respond to the offer... the deadline will pass and you will be taken off the list. You will be sent an additional e-mail to your "" address advising it is our understanding you did not respond and have been taken off the wait list.

Wait List Challenges to Keep in Mind

  • List maintenance needs to be performed to take people off after they have left employment: this includes part-time faculty/staff, temporaries, and affiliated employees, as well as full-time employees who have exceeded the 3/2 benefit period and not returned.
  • It is often difficult to reach persons because they don't monitor their "" account, and it becomes full or otherwise disabled. Language sometimes also play a role, and this can require coordination with their supervisor. The same dynamic often plays out with temporary employees.
  • Parking lots in some areas sometimes stay full, with little change for long periods of time. Sometimes employees leave UVM as a retiree, but remain as a temp. Also, when some employees leave, persons who were parking on the streets, or other colored lots, may migrate to green lots.

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