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Parking Notices

  • Construction: Jeffords Lot Parking Re-assignment

    Due to construction needs, the Jeffords East Lot, the triangular section of Jeffords Lot on the east side of the access road, will be closed to parking until further notice beginning Monday, July 6, 2015. UVM Medical Center parking assigned to this lot will be moved to the southeast corner of the Jeffords Lot located just north of the UVM wall. As this area will now be signed as a University of Vermont Medical Center only parking lot, our permit holders, visitors, as well as persons accustomed to using this portion of the Jeffords Lot during non-permitted times (after 3:30p weekdays), should not use these spaces during UVM Medical Center's posted enforced times of weekdays 4:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m.


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    Outing Club Sewer Replacement

    Effective July 6, 2015 to July 10, 2015
  • Monday July 6:
  • The Prospect St. entrance will be closed the entire day. The One Way exit at Colchester Ave will be made into an enter/exit into the Dewey lot.

    The north row of parking in the Dewey lot will be closed all week; however, the parking on the south side of the lot will remain open all week.

  • Tuesday July 7:
  • The Prospect St. entrance will be re-opened and remain open. The Colchester Ave exit returns to a One Way exit. Sewer Line replacement continues through Friday.

  • Friday July 10:
  • Work will be completed by end of day with new pavement. Parking returns to normal by end of day.

    What To Expect:
  • Entrances - No entrance to Dewey will be blocked.
  • Parking - Any necessary overflow parking should be accommodated by the 12/16 Colchester Ave lot.
  • Noise - Minor construction noise 7 am - 4 pm daily.

  • Any questions and/or concerns: Russ Charron email: Phone: 656-1364 Office

    Summer Employee Parking Exceptions

    Effective May 11, 2015 to August 21, 2015
  • CBW Lot - closed due to area construction
  • Jeffords Lot - Zone Green only, no exceptions due to construction needs

  • Zone Brown and Zone White permit holders may park in:
  • Allen House Lot
  • Jeanne Mance Lot

  • Zone Brown permit holders may also park in:
  • Athletic Campus residential lots only
  • Redstone Campus residential lots only
  • Trinity Campus residential lots only

  • The Campus Area Transportation System will be operating its summer break schedule
  • Hours of Operation: Weekdays, 6a-5:20p
  • Bus leaves the Patrick Gym at :00, :20, :40
  • Bus leaves from Trinity Campus (Mercy Lot) back to the Patrick Gym at :10, :30, :50
  • Redstone Campus service on demand (call 656-8686 between 7:30a-4p)
  • Last bus of the day leaves at 5:20p from the gym, 5:30p from Trinity Campus

  • Wondering where the CATS bus is? Follow it using the TransLoc app: CATS Shuttle

Parking Notices

    Student Summer Permits are now available!

    Permits are required to park on campus during the summer session, whether you are commuting or living on campus. Please visit our office at 38 Fletcher Place (Trinity Campus) to purchase your permit. We are open weekdays 7:30a - 4p.

    Summer Rates
  • Commuter: $6/week; $48/summer(effective 5/11/15 through 8/14/2015)
  • Living on Campus: $14/week; $110/summer(effective 5/11/15 through 8/14/2015)

  • Where to Park
  • Jeffords Lot: NO
  • Chittenden-Buckham-Wills(CBW): NO
  • Jeanne Mance Lot: NO

  • Your permit is good for:
  • Gutterson Garage (any daytime permit area)
  • Catamount West (any daytime permit area)
  • Trinity North, Mercy and Hunt Lots (RESIDENT LOTS ONLY)
  • Athletic and Redstone Campus (RESIDENT LOTS ONLY)
  • Parking in employee lots is allowed after 3:30 pm with your permit
  • Parking Meters: All parking meters will be enforced in accordance with policy.

    Visitor Areas & Pay Stations: Rules for student parking in the Gutterson, College Street Visitor Lot & Jeffords Visitor Lot still apply

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