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Parking Notices

    Early Closure Dates for Parking Services Customer Service Office

    The Customer Service portion of Parking Services will be closed to conduct internal training sessions on Tuesday, March 13 and Wednesday, March 14, beginning at 1pm. The Customer Services staff are those assisting you at our front desk, answer the phone and email, and complete visitor permit and code orders. All other aspects of Transportation and Parking Services will be functioning as usual, including the enforcement staff.

    Please plan accordingly. We will be open and happy to assist you in the morning of those dates for front desk transactions and phone calls. During our early closure, you may call us at (802) 656-8686 to reach the dispatch for our enforcement staff, to request a motorist assist or report a parking complaint.

    We can be reached at 656-8686 or for any questions.

      Jeffords Lot Closure For Springfest:
    • Beginning Thursday April 26 starting at 6:00pm and throughout Friday April 27, a small section of the Jeffords Lot will be closed. Please refer to the highlighted area in the image below.
    • On Friday, April 27, there will be no overnight parking in the entire lot in preparation and set up for Saturday's event.
    • The ENTIRE Jeffords Lot will be closed to parking on Saturday, April 28 for the annual Springfest Event.

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    • Out of cash or coins? Want to make paying for your parking quicker and easier? Running late and need a reminder your meter is about to expire? Introducing Parkmobile! A Mobile app to pay for your Visitor Parking here at the University of Vermont.

      Launching on December 9, The University of Vermont visitor parkers will have the choice of an additional payment option and be able to pay for visitor parking with their cell phone. It's easy -- just download the Parkmobile app, enter the zone number shown on the Parkmobile Signs, your space number, and enter the length of stay you want. That's it. To make life even easier, you can opt-in to receive a notification 15 minutes before your parking session is set to expire. Parking sessions may be extended by phone as long as the parking session has not reached the maximum time limit for the particular meter. Don't have a smart phone, no worries! Users can call their payment in to Parkmobile (1-877-727-5010) as intstructed on the signs as well. Parkmobile is available at all campus parking meters and the Gutterson, Jeffords and College Street pay kiosks. Parkmobile user fees apply. Current campus parking restrictions and regulations apply.

      • Student Spring Parking Permits Update

        The on-line student parking permit process is currently open for eligible on and off-campus students wishing to purchase one semester or full academic year permits. Any temporary-type of permit must be purchased directly through our office.

        We do not mail permits. Please check this site for regular business hours, extended hours and locations. Don't forget your ID!

        Commuter Students: please make sure you use the address you will be living at in the fall, and check your address against the close proximity map.

        Redstone Lofts / Redstone Apartment tenants or subtenants: UVM parking permits are not available for Redstone Lofts or Redstone Apartments tenants or subtenants. Please check with your individual main offices for your parking options.

        Quarry Hill / Sheraton Hotel: Because of campus construction effecting residential halls and parking lots, any student with either of these addresses are eligible for Commuter Evening parking permits only. These permits may be purchased online.

      • Construction: Jeffords Lot Parking Re-assignment

        Due to construction needs, the Jeffords East Lot, the triangular section of Jeffords Lot on the east side of the access road, will be closed to parking until further notice beginning Monday, July 6, 2015. UVM Medical Center parking assigned to this lot will be moved to the southeast corner of the Jeffords Lot located just north of the UVM wall. As this area will now be signed as a University of Vermont Medical Center only parking lot, our permit holders, visitors, as well as persons accustomed to using this portion of the Jeffords Lot during non-permitted times (after 3:30p weekdays), should not use these spaces during UVM Medical Center's posted enforced times of weekdays 4:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m.


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