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Building an eco-machine @ The Edge at Essex Middle School

We were lucky enough to sit down with three of the four members of the ecological design team — who explained what an “eco-machine” (also known as a “living machine”) is, along with some of the challenges in building one to support food sustainability for the entire school.

Aurasma & the Periodic Table at Harwood Union Middle School

Action research at the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

As part of our graduate course last year, 8th grade science educator Brian Wagner investigated the action research question, "How can students construct and explain their learning through the use of digital applications." So he had his students construct an augmented reality periodic table in the main hall of their school.

Schoology at Harwood

Using edmodo as an LMS for social reading

Kristi McKnight, a 9th grade teacher at Harwood Union High School, traveled to Nashville in November to share out the results of her and her teaching partner Mike Coyle's work using Schoology as an LMS. Schoology allows educators to present learning materials in different formats and gauge how well students engage with the content. 

Check out McKnight's quick screencast for a behind-the-scenes look at how Harwood's using Schoology to differentiate learning. 

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