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Using edmodo as an LMS for social reading

Using edmodo as an LMS

Peoples Academy 5th grade educator tests it out

5th grade reading educator Hannah Lindsey shares how she used edmodo, an online collaborative platform, as an LMS for social reading as her students joined others around Vermont in reading from the DCF booklist.

"In terms of overall engagement, using edmodo had my students waiting with bated breath for weeks. Every day they wanted to know if we were going to get started. Compared to excitement around regular literature circles, this was a huge improvement."


Common sense advice for tweens on social media

Common sense advice for tween social media use

Susan Hennessey navigates the tricky digital citizenship waters with her 12-year-old daughters: "I was on a mission to find resources explaining why the under 13 rule exists that would resonate for them, and not rely solely on the simple answer of the importance of being a law-abiding citizen. The gist for me, getting them to truly understand the data tracking and gathering that is at the core of most business models.

3 online games that teach sustainability

3 online games that teach sustainability

 From hockey coach and all-around good sport Robin Merritt: "I remember fondly the days of playing Oregon Trail in my middle school computer class. The game exposed players to the harsh realities of pioneer life, while also teaching us about resource management and the correlation of compiled risky decisions. Check out some (much newer!) games about sustainability."

Science Saturday: Newton's laws, standards, and practices

Research and computer-based science inquiry

Graduate research fellow Mark Olofson highlights an amazing physics unit at Essex Middle School: "Students were empowered to make their own decisions around how they were going to demonstrate the laws. They pulled from their own real life skills and experiences to choose the best way to develop and demonstrate their knowledge. Finally, students were asked to be reflective not only on their knowledge, but also on how they personally learn.

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