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Learning to make with arduinos

The 21st Century Classroom podcast

The journey from learner to educator

In this episode of the podcast, we talk with local digital artist and educator Rachel Hooper about how she got started learning and teaching with arduinos, tiny programmable micro-controllers that are becoming increasingly popular in school makerspaces.

Oh, and we were locked in a bathroom in the Burlingtong Generatorspace. For acoustic reasons.

(Never let your travel microphones out of your sight, people. Never.)


7th grade ecologists building an eco-machine at The Edge

Building an eco-machine at The Edge

Meet some 7th grade ecologists who are partnering with UVM on a food sustainability project for their school. We were lucky enough to sit down with three of the four members of the ecological design team who explained what an “eco-machine” actually does, along with some of the challenges in building one to support food sustainability for the entire school, along with some of the challenges in building one from spare parts and diagrams.

Goal-setting for personalized learning in the new year

goal-setting for personalized learning

  Happy New Year! With school back in session and a new year upon us, why not use this time as an excuse to take a deep breath, reassess your goals, and refocus on what you and your students are striving to achieve? Encourage risk-taking and set the stage for success with exercises geared around self-assessment, motivational thinking, and process-oriented goal-setting.

Science Saturday: thinking about flipped science classrooms

Research and computer-based science inquiry

Here at the beginning of the year, many people make resolutions. One change that we see teachers take on is the idea of implementing the flipped classroom. Shifting direct instruction to video in order to clear up more class time for individual and small group supported worktime sounds like both a great idea and a lot of prep work. Let's dig into what it would mean to flip a science class, from both a practical and philosophical standpoint.

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