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The "digital native" problem

the digital native problem

ANESU Innovation coach Lauren Parren wrote for us this week about the terms "digital native" and "digital immigrant" and the problems she finds inherent in their connotations.

"The terms have taken on new meaning over the years, and are often used as a short-hand way of saying that people born before 1980 'just don't get it' when it comes to using technology well. Some assume that because students today grew up with computers and cellphones they have some innate ability to use the tools well."

A powerful, thoughtful read.


Digital citizenship on- and offline

Digital citizenship on- and off-line

Rutland High School educator Jen Kravitz explains how she's been helping her civics students understand how the skills involved in being a good digital citizen carry over into the real world. Read about how she encourages her students to take the global view on social issues and cyberbullying

3 ways to use Chatterpix with maps

ways to use Chatterpix with maps

App-smashing the popular free iOS app with augmented reality, game-making tools and Thinglink! for map-based lessons. Check out how to bring your geography lessons to life!

RETN offering popular summer video course June 29

The 21st Century Classroom podcast

Local media access channel RETN is offering "From Idea to Impact: harnessing the power of video in your classroom", June 29 - July 3 in Burlington. Five days, three credits and a lot of fun. The first 5 people to register and mention the Tarrant Institute will receive a free iPad tripod mount. 

Student motivation in claims, evidence and audience

increasing student motivation in claims

After a colleague points out that students need a valid stake in an argument in order to become invested in making it, Susan Hennessey wonders: "What makes an argument worth making?" She rounds up some resources for increasing student motivation in making and pursuing critical arguments.

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