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Global storytelling and a green screen

Global storytelling and a green screen

6th graders use free green screen iPad app for videos

At Edmunds Middle School, two classes of 6th graders embarked on a new form of storytelling: green screen travel! With iPads and the free green-screen app Veescope, students transported themselves or characters made with Tellagami to locations around the world.

Educator Laura Botte noted that it was remarkable how engaged and excited the students were by this project, including students who were normally less motivated by storytelling and writing exercises.
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Using hidden object games to support language learning

Using hidden object games to support language learning

ELL students and others who struggle with reading issues feature an uphill battle for skill mastery that’s compounded by the social stigma and real-world functional problem that language deficits present. While they’re trying to learn from textbooks they’re also missing out on social interactions that a) could otherwise bootstrap their skills and b) put them at higher risk for bullying behavior. Enter the hidden object game.

Digital Learning Day at Edmunds

Digital Learning Day 2015 at Edmunds Middle School

What does a green screen, solar paneling, Spanish, wood engraving, and 3D printing have in common? These were just some of the projects that Edmunds Middle School students showcased at their Digital Learning Day on Tuesday. Students were excited and willing to share their innovative work and we were lucky enough to learn plenty from them!

Science Saturday: Vermont weather and STEM lessons

Research and computer-based science inquiry

In Vermont, in the winter, we talk about the weather. A lot. Perhaps this is due to our agrarian roots and realities. Maybe it is an extension of how we look for each other. Or maybe it’s because it is really, really cold. Whatever the reason, it is a very common topic for discussion. Which makes it a great entry point for a STEM-centered lesson, unit or project.

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Molecules and augmented reality

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