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MGI 2011: The Week in Pictures

More games about frontiers: playinghistory.org

playinghistory.org features user reviews, a searchable database, grade level recommedations and stills from 126 free history-based games.

Although US and Canadian history feature strongly on the site, the offerings also include games set during various time periods in Asia, Europe and Central and South America.

Also notable are the variety of civics-based games, such as Argument Wars, The Redistricting Game, and one of the highest-ranked games on the site, Do I Have a Right?, where players build and operate a Constitutional law firm specializing in the Bill of Rights.

Some other favorites:

For traditionalists, yes, there's even an Oregon Trail simulator. Scoring well with reviewers, it just goes to show the classics never die.

Quick quotes from the Middle Grades Institute

Digital Natives author Marc Prensky gave the keynote speech at the 2011 Middle Grades Institute, featuring a panel of students who were kind enough to take questions from the crowd.

Q: "What advice would you give your teachers for next year?"

Change the way you teach, every week. --Alex, grade 8, Milton Middle School

Make it interesting, or we're just going to text our friends at our desks. --Kristen, grade 9, Winooski Middle School

Tune in next week for a full wrap-up of the event. Until then, have a safe and happy July Fourth weekend!