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This week: Are you a digital native?

The front cover of Marc Prensky's book 'Digital Natives'Renowned author, inventor and game designer Marc Prensky gave the keynote at last week's 18th Annual Middle Grades Institute at UVM, talking to VT educators and administrators about the Digital Native phenomenon.

But what exactly is a digital native? Who are the digital immigrants?

And why are digital natives so important to tech integration in Vermont?

Find out here

More quick quotes from the MGI's student panel:

Q: What pops into your head when a teacher says, 'Let's plan a unit together.'?

"I think it'd be more fun for students to have input rather than just giving them [the material]; 'Here. This is what we're going to learn.' I'd rather tell them what I want to study." --Alex, 8th grade

Q: What bores you the most?

"Math. Sometimes I just don't like math." --Jerome, 8th grade

"The time when teachers just talk and talk and talk and talk. We just fall asleep!" --Rainbow, 7th grader

Q: What happened in school that most engaged you?

"The after-school program." --Rainbow, 7th grade

"In science class, we got to dissect frogs. Real ones!" --Jerome, 8th grade

"Tech Ed class. We used Alice to build a website!" --Kristen, 9th grade