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May 17, 2013
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Featured video: Technology enhancing education at MEMS

Thank you to partner educator Amanda Bickford for sharing this video about how technology's being integrated into the Manchester Elementary Middle School classroom, in Manchester VT.
It's gratifying to hear directly from educators the difference our support is making in their classroom. Thank you, everyone, for a truly innovative year.


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iPads in VT conference recap

photo descriptionA huge thank you to everyone who joined us last Saturday, May 11th at Edmunds Middle School in Burlington for our first annual iPad playday, cunningly disguised as a professional development conference. Between the app-driven workshops and the cheerful chaos of the hackerspaces, a good time was had by all. Find out just how good a time with our Storify recap of the event.

Do you use social media in your science class?

photo descriptionIf so, Ryan Becker wants to meet up with you, even virtually. An 8th grade science educator and UVM doctoral student, Becker's trying to assemble a network of science educators using social media in their classrooms. You can find Becker on twitter as @PhySci8, or read more about his project here. Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell your neighbors' friends! Signal boost!


photo descriptionCan you identify the photo at left? We'll give you a hint: it was taken somewhere in the world, and you can rack up mad points if you can figure out exactly where. Meet Geoguessr, the online geography game that's as hard as it is addictive.  Try it for yourself, try it with your students, try to beat Audrey's top score so far: 8057. Good luck! 

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