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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tweet of the Week:

       How has #edtech enhanced the learning experience of your students? http://bit.ly/qEMQti


Bonus video: Student Response Assessment at Minnetonka Middle West:

"I've got 100% participation. I challenge any classroom without this type of tool to be able to accomplish that."         
                --Tom Condon, math teacher, Minnetonka Middle School West, Minnetonka MN


I. Clickers by content: What does it look like in the classroom?

    * Critical Thinking in History: Who am I? A History Mystery – Social Studies
          (use backchannel, googledocs, word, or paper to jot down reasoning behind choice)

    * Pre-Reading Anticipation Guide: English Anticipation Guide Of Mice and Men
          (turn-and-talk - Peer Instruction)
    * Testing for Comprehension - Science: Mitosis Quiz (ppt)

II. iclicker resources:

    * Study: It's Not Teacher, but Method that Matters  (Associated Press, 5/12/11)

    * Whole Brain Teaching: The Power Teaching Technique (video)

    * Poll Everywhere, an audience response system that allows responses via the web and sms messaging
Full resources and documentation from Tech Tips available here: http://mgicollaboration.pbworks.com/w/page/46244406/Classroom%20Response%20Systems

Backchannel chat from last Thursday's iclicker event: http://www.todaysmeet.com/clickers

Thanks to Susan Hennessey and everyone who turned out for "icame, isaw, iclicked".

The next Tech Tips session will be Thursday, Oct 27: "Adding tech to your math classroom" with middle-level math educator and Tarrant research associate Meredith Swallow. Reserve your seat today.

ISTE Webinars now available for Tarrant partners

The 2011-2012 series of ISTE webinars are now available for viewing through partnering with the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education. If you're a Vermont educator and would like subsidized access to the 2011-2012 series of ISTE webinars, please contact us.

Upcoming webinar topics include:

* Collaboration in the Cloud/Training Global Collaborators
* The Mobile Classroom
* Digital Storytelling Goes Social
* iPads for Administrators
* WebQuest Voyage Using Glogster and LiveBinder
* Tabletology: What Makes a Tablet Work in the Classroom

The full schedule is available here: http://www.iste.org/store/professional-development/webinars.aspx

Student Work We Like:

    * How to Learn Your Way Around Hudson Middle School
    "Welcome to all you fifth graders that will be in Hudson Middle School next year! We will guide you     to success through this video..."  

This VoiceThread was created by students at Hudson River Middle School in NYC, to give incoming 5th graders a guide to their new school. VoiceThread is an excellent application for engaging students in conversations about images and publishing the collective work of a classroom.

Related content: What's a VoiceThread?

Coming Events:

10/5: Built-in Moodle: The Universally Designed Digital Learning Environment
ISTE webinar

10/13 - 12/1: Integrating the Interactive White Board in the Classroom
Castleton State University

10/17: Student Multimedia Projects and Evaluation
The Center for Teaching and Learning @ UVM

10/27: Tech Tips: Adding tech to the math classroom
Free @ UVM

11/2-4: Vermont Fest
Killington VT

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