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Tweet of the Week:

Tweet of the Week

Spotlight on: Storify

What it is: a way to combine various social media resources (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube) to construct a narrative of a topic with a web 2.0 focus.

Example: "She's the First" Celebrating International Women's Day


    4 ways to use Storify in the classroom

    Twitter + Storify classroom ideas

    Storify step-by-step (video)

    Storify: tutorial, best practices and live examples

ISTE webinars now available for Tarrant partners

  • The 2011-2012 series of ISTE webinars are now available for viewing through partnership with the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education.

    Upcoming webinar topics include:

    * Collaboration in the Cloud/Training Global Collaborators
    * The Mobile Classroom
    * Digital Storytelling Goes Social
    * iPads for Administrators
    * WebQuest Voyage Using Glogster and LiveBinder
    * Tabletology: What Makes a Tablet Work in the Classroom

    If you're a Vermont educator and would like subsidized access to the 2011-2012 series of ISTE webinars, please contact us.

  • VT Middle Schools in the News:

    Burlington/Winooski forum considers changes to schools

     Imagine a high school where every student has a laptop, diplomas are conferred based on proficiency rather than completing seat-time in required courses, and all ninth-graders chart their own learning plan for their four years.   [more]

    Harwood Middle School responds to Hurricane Irene in multimedia projects

    Students were encouraged to interview one another and their families, integrating photos and video clips with the stories. And they took the skills they learned there to another level: This past weekend, Harwood students were scheduled to staff the “StoryCorner” recording center at the Moretown Restoration Pig Roast and Leaf Peeper’s Picnic, collecting stories from community members. [more]