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Since 2006, the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education has supported technology integration in middle schools as a means of increasing student engagement and decreasing drop-out rates here in Vermont. And we're looking to expand our reach, and provide our free consulting services to new partner schools.

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Engaging learners through technology

We support our partnering schools with tech-rich, on-site professional development and provide funding for technology innovations within our cohort. We take the lead in conversations about how best to support Vermont's middle grades students in providing them with access to technology in the classroom and an authentic voice in the structuring of their education. Read more about what we offer here.

Here are a few examples of what some Vermont middle schools have been able to accomplish through partnering with us:

  • Cabot School students showing project based learning

    See America: Students at The Cabot School in Cabot, VT, became digital historians, map-makers and anthropologists with access to technology.

  • The Parable of the Puppet Pals: integrating technology in a religion class at Mater Christi.

  • The Wild City Project: The Edge team at Essex Middle School partnered with the Tarrant Institute and other community groups to document their environment.

  • ePortfolios with Evernote: we supported Harwood Union Middle School in finding a tool to support their move to proficiency-based graduation requirements

  • STEM Digital Storytelling: 8th grade scientists at Peoples Academy Middle School discovered using mobile apps unlocked their storytelling potential.

  • Middle school students build a 3D printer: At Manchester Elementary Middle School, students are building their own 3D printer with one educator's assistance.

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