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We currently have no open positions.

Employment Opportunities

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Employment opportunities at the Tarrant Institute

Employment Opportunities

At the current time, we have no open positions.

Work on the Forefront of Student-Centered Change

We're looking for educators who:

  • are invested in the concept of 1:1 technology as a cornerstone of effective 21st century middle-level learning
  • believe in the potential of Vermont's Act 77, supporting implementation of personalized learning plans
  • understand that young adolescents have unique needs as learners
  • are ready to commit to supporting educators, administrators, students, families and communities as they embrace the challenges of preparing Vermont's middle-level learners for technology-rich successful futures.

Be Part of School-Wide Change

The Tarrant Institute works with a number of schools around the state of Vermont at different stages of their transformational journey with technology integration. The commonality our partner schools share is a firm commitment to placing students at the center of school change, and making them decisive agents in their own learning.

Location and Travel:

This position requires frequent travel among partner schools in each region of the state. We welcome applicants from all regions in order to best serve our partners. We will use video conferencing and other strategies to minimize travel when collaborating with other Tarrant Institute staff. Occasional in-state and national travel is required for professional presentations and personal learning opportunities.