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Seeing is believing: school change in action

Many of our schools are open to visits from Vermont educators and administrators. Explore one of our 21st century middle schools.

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Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

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Leading by Example: Vermont's Tech-forward Middle Schools

A group of middle schoolers stand at the front of a classroom, presenting. There is a SmartBoard in front of the chalkboard and a male student is gesturing to it while two other students look on.

All of the projects in this section are ones that have stunned, thrilled and excited us. They're examples of schools letting students take the lead while educators provide guidance and support.

To encourage you to try these with your own students, we've included lesson plans, student reactions and educator advice blogs. Try what you see, and feel free to share the results.

We're constantly encouraged and gratified to be a part of 21st century learning.

Want to see your students' work featured here? Drop us a line.

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