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Information about the study

The Tarrant Institute Longitudinal Technology Study (TILTS) is a multi-year, multi-site study of technology integration in Vermont schools. As part of the study, we are inviting hundreds of Vermont educators to participate in the LoTi Digital Age Survey, which provides insights about three different dimensions affecting technology use in the classroom: current instructional practice (CIP), personal computer use (PCU), and levels of teaching innovation (LoTi). This information will help us not only as part of the current research study, but also provides us rich information as we continue to develop our ongoing professional development strategies.

The LoTi Digital Age Survey creates a personalized digital-age professional development profile for participants aligned to the National Education Technology Standards (NETS) for Teachers and Administrators. The survey provides specific, customized feedback to participating teachers about their practice in the three measures. The accumulated data will provide us with insight into the nature of technology rich classrooms here in Vermont, as well as changes over time in those environments.

View a sample LoTi report here (pdf)

Tarrant Institute Longitudinal Technology Study (TILTS)

Benefits of participating in the study

We believe that there are many benefits for participating teachers and schools in participating in the study. The individual teacher is provided with specific feedback about their current practice, how it relates to the NETS, and how it relates to constructivist teaching principles. Research has shown a statistically-significant relationship between current instructional practices and student achievement on standardized test scores. Teachers are also able to use the information to set professional goals, and, due to the longitudinal nature of the study, receive valuable information about their progress towards those goals. The levels of all three measures could be used to help fuel teacher-administrator conversations.

For administrative and technology teams, the survey provides aggregated school wide assessment data which allow you to identify current education technology levels and establish building goals. TIIE is also able to complete further customized data aggregation for you, based on specific questions or goals you might have. Again, given the longitudinal nature of the research project, you can gauge your progress in the different areas over time.   

We believe that the feedback from this survey can help fuel discussions at the building and district level. The LoTi survey is a verified instrument that gives clear information about the nature of technology integration and how it relates to teach practice. Given the large amount of resources that are generally needed to implement technology initiatives, we believe that having feedback of this nature can help to maximize the possible benefits of those initiatives.

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FAQs for administrators

When will my school take the LoTi survey?
    The first round of surveys will be conducted August 2014. Participants will then take the survey again in June 2015, and in following Junes, in order to see growth over time.

What does it cost for my school to participate?
    There is no cost to your school for participating in the survey.

How long does it take to complete LoTi survey?
    The average time it takes for an educator to complete the LoTi survey is approximately 30 minutes

Should all the teachers in our school take the survey?
    We encourage faculty-wide participation in the survey, in order to provide the best picture of your school.

Should other staff members take the survey?
    We encourage all people who interact with students in the classroom setting to  participate in the survey.

Should the administration team take the survey?
    Yes, there is a separate administrators survey. Specific instructions are included in the welcome packet.

When will participants receive their results?
    Participants will receive individual results immediately after completing the survey

Will administrators have access to school-wide results?
    Teachers will have individual access to results, and TIIE will be able to share with administrative teams school wide aggregated results in order to protect individual identities

Can I share LoTi results with my school board / parent community?
    Yes. The school-level summary of the data is available for the uses you see fit as an administrator. 

How many Vermont schools are participating in the LoTi survey?
    For this initial pilot, we are contacting 50 schools for participation in this survey

Is this from the AOE? Will this data be shared with the AOE?
    This research study is not linked to the Vermont Agency of Education.

Will teacher or school scores be published or made public?
    No. The data will be used by TIIE in order to describe larger trends around technology integration and teaching innovation.

Will we receive comparative results/rankings?
    TIIE will not publish LoTi survey results with the purpose of ranking / comparing school sites.

How do you protect confidentiality?
    All researchers that have access to the data have completed the University of Vermont's Institutional Review Board training concerning confidentiality and protecting participants.  In order to maintain privacy, data will be stripped of personally identifiable information. 

What will you do with the data you collect?
    TIIE will use the data to perform comparative analyses of technology integration in different schools across the state. Specifically, we wish to look at the differences between our partner schools and other similar schools.

A teacher took the survey and it suggested that he/she purchase professional development products from LoTi. Should he/she?
    TIIE has not evaluated nor do we endorse the products offered at the end of the survey. These products have been created and are for sale by the LoTi organization, and are independent from this research.

How do I know if my school is participating in study?
You would have received an email asking you to participate in the LoTi survey. 

If we haven't been asked to participate, can we still take the survey?
    If you are interested in taking the LoTi survey, please contact us

I forgot/lost log-in information. What do I do?
    If you have taken the survey in the past and still have the same email address, you do not need to create a new account. If you can't remember your Username and Password, you can retrieve it from the automated system.

I have a question not on this list. What do I do?
    Please contact us with any further questions.

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Contact information

Penny Bishop
Director of the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

John Downes
Associate Director of the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education


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