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Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

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Our Research

Tarrant Institute faculty and researchers examine a wide variety of topics pertaining to the changing lives of middle school students in Vermont, and how integrating technology in the classroom changes that experience.

Areas of Interest

  • Math
    • Embodied Learning
    • OLMR Math
    • Games Research
    • Programming, Corn Maze and Math in Middle School
    • Scratch and Mathematical Understanding
  • 1:1
    • The Second-Year Slump
    • Teacher Planning in a 1:1
    • Learning Management Systems
  • Technology in Catholic Schools
  • Assessment
    • Alternative Credentials
    • e-Portfolios
  • Community Involvement
    • Parents
    • Community Service
    • School Change
  • Students
    • as Agents of Change
    • as Consultants in Learning
  • Teacher-Student Curriculum Planning
  • Intersection of Technology and Middle-Level Practice

Recent Dissemination

  • "Strengthening Teams Through Technology" (Jan 2014). Penny Bishop & John Downes. AMLE Magazine.

  • "Alternative Credentialing: Badges and e-Portfolios" (Nov. 2013). Susan Hennessey. AMLE 2013.

  • "Scout Badges Meet the Digital Age" (Nov. 2013). Audrey Homan & Lisa Therrien. VTFest.

  • "Virtual Pictures at an Exhibition" (Nov. 2013). Mark Olofson & Audrey Homan. VTFest.

Recent Publications

  • Enhancing family involvement through technology
    John Downes & Penny Bishop. (forthcoming)
    Middle Ground
  • Building stronger teams through technology
    John Downes & Penny Bishop. (forthcoming)
    Middle Ground
  • Technology and learning in the middle grades.
    John Downes & Penny Bishop. (forthcoming)
    In P.G. Andrews (Ed). Research to guide practice in middle grades education.
  • Authentic assessment through technology
    John Downes & Penny Bishop. (2013)
    Middle Ground, pp 44-45
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