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Tarrant Institute Longitudinal Technology Study (TILTS)

TILTS is a multi-year, multi-site study of technology integration in Vermont schools.

As part of the study, we are inviting hundreds of Vermont educators to participate in the LoTi Digital Age Survey, which provides insights about three different dimensions affecting technology use in the classroom: current instructional practice (CIP), personal computer use (PCU), and levels of teaching innovation (LoTi). This information will help us not only as part of the current research study, but also provides us rich information as we continue to develop our ongoing professional development strategies.

The LoTi Digital Age Survey creates a personalized digital-age professional development profile for participants aligned to the National Education Technology Standards (NETS) for Teachers and Administrators.

The survey provides specific, customized feedback to participating teachers about their practice in the three measures. The accumulated data will provide us with insight into the nature of technology rich classrooms here in Vermont, as well as changes over time in those environments.

Our Research

Tarrant Institute researchers have developed a multifaceted program to examine technology integration in Vermont’s schools.

Findings to Date

Teachers who partner with the Tarrant Institute demonstrate significant increases in their ability to work with digital tools. Teachers who partner with the Tarrant Institute significantly increase the degree to which they integrate technology-rich and innovative teaching practices in the classroom. Teachers, parents and students report improved student engagement, participation, attendance and behavior. Check out some of our publications for details.

Next Steps

The Tarrant Institute has recently launched the Tarrant Institute Longitudinal Technology Study, the largest study of its kind in Vermont, to study the impact of professional development services on technology-rich teaching.

Ongoing Areas of Research

  • the effect of 1:1 access on student engagement
  • use of online mathematics applications to personalize student learning
  • how teachers and students adjust to and implement 1:1 access
  • how technology-rich, embodied learning promotes understanding of geometry concepts
  • use of learning management systems to personalize student learning

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