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Professional Development

Middle Grades Institute Technology Strand
The Tarrant Institute-facilitated technology strand at the Middle Grades Institute provides a great opportunity for partner schools to jump-start or sustain their tech-rich approach to improving middle schooling.

Partnership Online Social Network (Ning)
The Tarrant Institute Ning offers all participants the chance to network with partnering teachers and administrators to advance their work.

Partnership Wiki

The wiki is our resource hub for Tarrant Institute professional learning; it contains syllabi, session agendas, and the tool and resource libraries.

Partnership EDU 2.0 "School/Campus"
The Tarrant Institute EDU 2.0 learning management system coordinates the personal growth of participants in professional learning and models how a popular and affordable LMS can support student-centered learning for young adolescents.

Tech Tips Workshops
Periodic workshops address current topics in technology integration and are offered free to any interested educators.

Facilitated Graduate Coursework
The Tarrant Institute custom designs UVM graduate credit-bearing coursework to meet the needs of partnership schools and their staff, grounding learning in the real and ongoing work of technology integration in the middle grades.

Facilitated Teacher/Team Consultations
Partner schools benefit from on-site visits (twice per month on average) from Tarrant Institute facilitators, who consult directly with individual teachers, teaching teams, and collaborating groups, to promote and sustain learning and growth.

Facilitated Classroom/Team Action Research
Coursework is designed to promote an inquiry approach to improving learning for young adolescents. Tarrant facilitators suppoort participants in the design, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of classroom innovations.

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