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New research from the Tarrant Institute:

Educators engage digital natives and learn from their experiences with technology

New in the May 2012 issue of the Middle School Journal, Penny Bishop and John Downes take a look at some initial findings of research they're doing via the iLeap project, seeking to include more technology in Vermont middle school classrooms and curriculums.

"We have learned that preparing schools for 21st century learning is less about designing engaging activities for students and more about unleashing the learning potential of students and the technologies with which they are familiar. The infusion of technology in schools is merely an extension of the extraordinary expansion of technology available to students in their lives. Their spontaneous use of technologies in their out-of-school lives reflects, to a remarkable degree, young adolescents' applications of 21st-century skills in pursuit of personal efficacy. One of our I-Leap teachers said it best: "The shift isn't in the students. The shift is in the teachers. We don't have to convince the students that this is the way to learn."

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