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Global Connections: New Zealand and Vermont

New Zealand and School libraries from MEMS on Vimeo.

Georgeanne Bonifanti is a technologist/librarian at Manchester Elementary/Middle School, one of the Tarrant Institute's iLeap partners. She traveled to New Zealand this past spring as part of UVM's Middle Level Education program, and reflected on her experiences for a presentation at Dynamic Landscapes 2012.

"Unfortunately, I assumed that librarians in New Zealand had the same training as those in Vermont. I made the assumption that they were also teachers, worked collaboratively with teachers on 21st Century skills and implementation.

This was not the case. What I found was many bright and beautiful rooms with little or no support. Out of all the schools, I visited, I spoke to one teacher librarian who was paid as a teacher and actually taught skills. The others that I met had various backgrounds with a variety of training, but no one else that I met actually worked collaboratively with teachers to deliver 21st Century skills."


New Zealand Schools from MEMS on Vimeo.

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