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Technology Funding: Innovation Grants

We are pleased to invite proposals from educators in our partner schools to fund technology purchases, an opportunity to enhance technology capacity within the schools and classrooms of our partnership schools. Although submitting a proposal is optional, we urge all our partner teachers, teams, and administrators to seriously consider how an Innovation Grant might advance your work toward more technology-rich and engaging learning opportunities for students. Although we require that proposals be submitted by teachers, we encourage talking to students about your proposal.

Attached you'll find the necessary templates and an example proposal and budget. The proposal template includes the submission instructions. Proposals will be considered and grants awarded on a rolling basis so the sooner your proposal is submitted the sooner funding may be available. We will do our best to award successful applications within two weeks of submission.

Innovation Grant Proposal Narrative Template.doc

SampleCreative Video Lab Narrative.doc

Innovation Grant Proposal Budget Template.xls

SampleCreative Video Lab Budget.xls

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