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Interactive Web Presence

Technology provides limitless opportunity to create virtual professional learning communities. The TIIE web portal is continually updated; provides access to the best Web 2.0 tools, sample units and lessons; and supports dialogue among teachers and students.

Graduate Course

Transforming the 21st Century Classroom with Innovative Technologies is a three credit graduate course, through which educators create engaging, student-centered education by integrating technology and research-based principles into curriculum and student learning.

Embedded Professional Development

Direct, in-class support is a highly effective means of bridging the gap between an inspiring and informative professional development experience and the reality of the teaching day. TIIEā¬"s coaching model ensures that educators have the ongoing, personalized help they need to consistently implement the I-LEAP tenets in their classrooms.

Technology Assistance

Vermont communities increasingly recognize the importance of investing in school technology. Prices continue to fall, making it easier to equip classrooms with important tools, such as laptops, interactive white boards, probe ware and video/audio tools. TIIE helps schools maximize their spending and partners with them to fill gaps so that students have access to an engaging, technology-rich environment.

TIIE in action: 2010 Vermont Leadership Academy

TIIE trainers John Downes and Ken Reissig conducted a two-day teaching strand at the VPA Leadership Conference, Aug 3-5, on Leadership and Technology, with the help of Steve Rand and the Rwanda Student Writers Project, Speak Out for Understanding producer Maureen Charron-Shea, and the I-LEAP team at Edmunds Middle School. Thanks to all our presenters and administrators, and especially the students who were willing to share their work for this event.

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