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Join us for the 2013-2014 reading season!

At its heart, DCF Book Run is a game that gives a platform to students to talk about the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award nominees. And we chose ARIS as the platform to build our game on because we want students, educators and librarians across Vermont to come together in building next year's game.

We're looking for a few good readers; bookworms, librarians, amateur film-makers, student programmers, history nerds, actors and map geeks. Let's look at the new season of DCF books (they're out now!) and build things together.

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DCF Book Run

Our newest game aims to merge social reading with visual programming and ARIS' mobile gaming environment. It's the DCF Book Run.

How It Works

Players search a stated area for QR codes mounted on easily identifiable plaques. When they scan the QR code, the game gives them a virtual copy of the book along with a short video trailer for it. As soon as a player has the book in their Inventory, a Librarian character pops up and quizzes them on the contents of the book. To win, players need to scan all the QR codes and answer all the questions correctly.

In building DCF Book Run, we were able to incorporate both levels and badging. As players collect books, they earn different levels of badges; when they've successfully completed the game they earn a credly badge, which they can add to their Facebook, LinkedIn profile, Mozilla Open-Badge Backpack or other digital portfolio.

Try It For Yourself

To play the 2013 DCF Book Run with your students, you'll need iOS devices such as iPhones, iPod Touches or iPads.

  1. Download and install the free ARIS app on your devices. Then have students open it up and create an account. Accounts in ARIS are solely used for password recovery and for game developers to track the behavior of users while playing a game.
  2. Download this zip file containing all the QR codes you'll need for the game. Print them out and tack them up in the area you wish to play the game in.
  3. Once students are logged in, have them search for DCF Book Run Demo.
  4. Tap on New Game.
  5. Go!

We're always interested in getting feedback on our games, so if you try it, please let us know! We hope to have the 2014 version of DCF Book Run ready to launch this coming October. 

Last modified July 22 2013 04:08 PM