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Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

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Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

Welcome to the future of Middle School

The Tarrant Institute partners with middle schools to improve the education of young adolescents in Vermont through technology-rich learning.

What We Offer

We've under-written the rollout of 1:1 internet-enabled devices to our partnering iLeap schools, and continue to provide funding for technology innovations within our cohort.

We also provide principal and administrative and leadership team consultations and seminars to help move Vermont's middle schools toward a technology-rich, student-centered outcome.

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In which an educator learns her students can always find ways to surprise her.

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Authentic cell biology with iPads

This spring, Nancy Spencer and her class discovered something amazing about their cheek cells.

The students discovered that by placing the lens of their iPad cameras directly against the eye-piece of a microscope, they were able to take photos of cells that had, until five minutes earlier, been a part of their bodies.

And Spencer discovered that by letting her students lead and giving them the freedom to experiment with technology in their hands, she could still be surprised by what they came up with.

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