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#vted twitter chat recap: 11/19/15

What does innovation in Vermont schools look like? What could it look like, moving forward?

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Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

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Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

Welcome to the future of Middle School

We currently partner with near two dozen schools around Vermont, supporting them as they move towards a tech-rich, student-centered model of young adolescent education.

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What We Offer

The Tarrant Institute provides a variety of services to help schools make the transition to engaging, technology-rich teaching and learning.

In exchange for their substantial commitment to a new vision for teaching and learning, we offer our partner schools intensive professional development, leadership preparation and planning, and small grants for innovative technologies -- all free of charge.

To the broader community, we conduct extensive research, evaluation, dissemination and outreach.

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The 21st Century Classroom, podcast of the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

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Life's 4 Rules for Goal-Setting in a PLP

Working with and learning from the educators in Washington West Supervisory Union, where students are working on goals as part of their Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs), I’ve extrapolated a few simple guidelines about the goal-setting process.

In those cases I saw the potential of goals to cultivate so many important things in my students: self-direction, a sense of efficacy, and a connection to schooling, to name a few.

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