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Looking for resources to help your students craft their Personalized Learning Plans? Let us help.

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Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

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Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

Welcome to the future of Middle School

We currently partner with near two dozen schools around Vermont, supporting them as they move towards a tech-rich, student-centered model of young adolescent education.

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What We Offer

The Tarrant Institute provides a variety of services to help schools make the transition to engaging, technology-rich teaching and learning.

In exchange for their substantial commitment to a new vision for teaching and learning, we offer our partner schools intensive professional development, leadership preparation and planning, and small grants for innovative technologies -- all free of charge.

To the broader community, we conduct extensive research, evaluation, dissemination and outreach.

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The 21st Century Classroom, podcast of the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

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When to put down the device: resources for families

Let’s face it, it’s a challenge to balance technology in our lives; but it’s essential.

Parents and adults need to guide their young adolescents and children towards developing this balance. Arguably, we don’t have good technology habits ourselves, but the modeling and mentoring of developing a healthy relationship with technology is a critical role for parents.

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