University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Theatre

Minor in Theatre

The following are the requirements for the Theatre Minor:

Course requirement checklist (PDF)

A total of 19 or 20 hours in theatre must include:

Minor in Theatre
THE 050: Dramatic Analysis 3 credits
THE 150: Theatre History I: Classical, Medieval, & Renaissance Theatre 3 credits
Choose two of the following
THE 010: Acting I: Introduction to Acting 3 credits
THE 020: Fundamentals of Lighting includes Lab 4 credits
THE 030: Fundamentals of Scenery includes Lab 4 credits
THE 040: Fundamentals of Costuming includes Lab 4 credits
Choose Any Two (3-credit) courses at or above the 100 Level 6 credits
Six (6) Courses totaling 19 to 20 credits

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