University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Theatre

Ethical standards of the Department of Theatre

All those who participate in academic and artistic activities in the Department of Theatre are expected to adhere to these ideals:

  • Conduct in and out of the Theatre building reflects on the reputation of the Department of Theatre.
  • All activities outside classes (productions, seminars, workshops etc.) are an extension of my academic experience.
  • The practice of theatre is the collaborative effort of authors, artists, technicians and audience members and is founded on mutual respect.
  • Students are expected to make every effort to fulfill all production and academic responsibilities and are accountable for the completion of all tasks and assignments.
  • The University Catalog is the student’s contract with the University, and students are subject to its regulations, including those that apply to academic integrity, sexual harassment and nondiscrimination.
  • Artistic and academic excellence depends upon Students’ physical and mental well-being. Students will not jeopardize their own work or the work of others by injudicious activities inside or outside the theatre.
  • Safety is a departmental priority and students are responsible for understanding basic safety guidelines and upholding these at all times.
  • Royall Tyler Theatre is not only a place of public assembly but also a learning laboratory. Students agree to treat the building all production materials, equipment, and furnishings with respect.


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