University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Theatre

Courses Taught by Gregory Ramos

THE 070 - Playwriting
Development of dramatic writing skills and broadened understanding of theatre/art by its creation. Study of published plays but focus on student writing. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing Credits: 3. Cross-listed w/English.

THE 075 - Diversity in Contemporary U.S. American Theatre
Course focuses on plays and playwrights in contemporary theatre exploring themes pertaining to race, sexuality, gender and the physically challenged. Credits: 3. See also ALANA or WGST.

THE 076 - Contemporary Latina/Latino Theatre in the U.S.
Course covers works by U.S. Latina/Latino American playwrights whose works explore ethnic and cultural identity in the U.S. Credits: 3. See also ALANA.

THE 190 (E) - Theatre Practicum
Students actively involved in current department productions may earn credit for work on stage or backstage. Project proposals must be approved by department faculty and be of significant scope to qualify for credit. Prerequisite: Permission. Repeatable up to 3 hours. Credits: .5-3.

THE 197 (E) - Readings & Research Fall. Prerequisite: Permission. Credits: .5-9.
THE 198 (E) - Readings & Research Spring. Prerequisite: Permission. Credits: .5-9.

THE 200 (E) - Professional Preparation
Topics include preparing for auditions, portfolio reviews, interviews, and research papers for entrance into graduate schools or professional theatre venues. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing and by permission only. Credits: 1-3.

THE 250 - Directing I
Theory of theatrical directing, including script analysis; approaches to audition, rehearsal, and performance; coaching actors. Prerequisites: 010, 020, 030, 040, 050, 110, 150, either 120, 130, or 140. Senior standing & permission. Fall. Credits: 3.

THE 284 - Seminar Credits: 3. Spring only. Credits: 3.

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