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Theatre production from 2012-2013.

An undergraduate degree in Theatre prepares students for a wide range of activities and careers after their University of Vermont experience.

For students interested in performance, the rigorous program of courses and productions affords students the opportunity to develop acting, creative, communication, practical, and problem solving skills. Students from the UVM program have gone on to apprenticeships and internships at professional theatre organizations like Commomwealth Shakespeare Company and Saint Michael’s Playhouse. Other students have continued on the educational path of attending graduate school. Some of these include Emerson College and The Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University.

For those interested in Design and Technical Theatre, students have transitioned into work at local theaters or internships at professional theaters such as Arena Stage and The Guthrie Theatre. Other students have chosen to continue expanding their Design skills at graduate programs like Penn State and The University of California San Diego. A number of students have moved to larger cities like Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York where they have pursued theatre work or taken their skills into other arenas. An undergraduate degree in theatre serves as a foundation for a career and lifetime of creative problem solving, collaboration, self-expression and self-esteem.

Graduates of the UVM Theatre program can currently be found working (or have worked) in some of these job categories: Stage manager for a Broadway Musical, museum curator, actor in national commercials, film, and television, electrician for a regional theater, professional photographer, director for children’s theater, high school theater teacher, costume designer, make up artist, professional lighting designer, theater technical director, theater artistic director.

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