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Telecommunications and Network Services

Service Fees
Telecommunication and Network Services Service Fees

Telecommunications an Network services bills a monthly communications charge to cover various costs.  Services covered are:

  • 2 Data connections to a high-speed lan connection.
  • 1 Analog or digital connection with fully featured voice line and voicemail.
  • Internet and Internet 2 access.
  • Repair Services.
  • Telephone user training
  • Telecommunications and networking consulting services including:
    • investigation of non-standard technologies
    • special projects design works
    • detailed estimates
  • Web-based billing and grant accounting
  • Fraud protection

Infrastructure costs are also covered by the monthly port charges.  The costs include:

  • Telecommunication and Network Salaries
  • Network Management and Administration
  • Network evolution design work
  • Cost of telephone PBX switches and network electronics
  • Domain name servers
  • Outside and inside cable plant maintenance
  • Network security

Monthly Fee Services (Monthly fees will not be pro-rated.) Fees
Service charge includes 2 data ports and 1 phone port $48.00
Phantom Number Requiring Port $48.00

One-Time Fee Services Fees
Auto Attendant (Call Processing) Hourly Labor Rate
Bridge-add or break 15 min. increments $16.00
Cable pull, standard $298.00 plus hourly labor rate after 2 hours
Conference bridge $16.00 setup fee plus $.10/min/person
Data Activation -  Standard $100.00
Data Activation - GIG $250.00
Hourly labor rate $64.00 / hr
Non-routine software  Hourly Labor Rate
Move/Add/Change(MAC) $64.00 per phone
SLF/SLW $49.50
M3904 $75.00
Sidecar $55.00

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