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Research Project

Regional Collaboration Using Mental Modeling of Small-Scale and Direct Market Farmers to Develop Produce Safety Curricula that Results in Behavior Change

To develop a multi-state research project to 1) understand how mental models may facilitate or act as barriers to small-scale and direct market farmers adopting food safety practices on their farms, and 2) utilizing the information from the mental model research and adult education theory, explore which educational methods are most successful at effecting positive changes in produce safety behavior among small scale and direct farmers.

Project Team:

  • Principal Investigator
    Jason Parker, Ph.D.,
    UVM Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Virginia Nickerson, Ph.D.
    UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture
  • David Conner, Ph.D.
    UVM Community Development & Applied Economics
  • Lori Pivarnik, Ph.D.
    University of Rhode Island
    Department of Nutrition & Food Sciences
  • Nicole Richard
    University of Rhode Island
  • Amanda Kinchla, M.S.
    UMass Extension
  • Rich Bonanno, Ph.D.
    UMass Extension
    (978) 682-9563
  • Diane Hirsch, M.P.H.
    University of Connecticut Extension
  • Alexandra Bell, Ph.D.
    University of Connecticut
    (860) 486-0251
  • Jason Bolton, Ph.D.
    University of Maine Cooperative Extension
    (207) 942-7396
  • Mark Hutton, Ph.D.
    University of Maine Cooperative Extension
    (207) 933-2100
  • Catherine Violette, Ph.D.
    University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
    (603) 862-2496
  • Heather Bryant, M.S.
    University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
    (603) 787-6944
  • Florence Becot, M.S.
    University of Vermont, Center for Rural Studies
    (802) 656=9897

  • For more information:

    Ginger Nickerson UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture(802) 656-5490

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