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Dry Beans in Vermont

Dry Beans

In 2012 and 2013, staff from the Center for Sustainable Ag. (initially Rachel Schattman, whose work was then taken over by Suzy Hodgson upon her transition into other work) engaged in an exploration of the potential for Vermont-grown dry beans to address food insecurity in Vermont's Caledonia County while providing commercial growers and home gardeners an additional market of interested buyers and eaters.

Over the two-year period, project staff offered cooking and gardening workshops with Caledonia County residents, and separate events for commercial growers and purchasers to share their experiences. The project exceeded its target for the participation of both community members and farmers, and interesting lessons were learned about Vermont-grown beans. See the final project report prepared for the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets for details, methodology and outcomes.

Project Partners

St. Johnsbury Area Local Food Alliance (St. J ALFA) & many farmers and community members!

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