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Important GAPs Updates

Getting Started on GAPs

  • Basic information on Vermont GAPs and GHP Audit Program (read this first)
  • GAPs Plan of Action Template There are several possible ways to format your farm food safety plan. One way is to write it as a manual as Cedar Circle did - organizing it in the way that makes the most sense to you and to your employees. Another way to organize it is to use this template which we have formatted to mirror the Auditor's checklist. While there is redundancy in the Plan of Action format, the benefit is that you know that your plan covers all of the items the auditor will be looking for, and it will take less time for the auditor to review your plan. You can always cut and paste sections of this template into your employee manual. Special thanks to Wythe Morris, ANR Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension for developing and letting us use and modify his Plan of Action template.
  • USDA GAPs Users Guide
  • USDA GAPs Checklist This is what the Auditor will use to score you. (There is an Excel version of the checklist on the USDA website if you want to try to score yourself - just be aware that the auditor may have a different interpretation than yours)
  • Scott Dolan VAAFM Agricultural Resources Specialist, also at 802-522-5415) to request an audit and fill out the 1. Audit Request Form. and 2. Audit Agreement Form. Insert your information into the appropriate spaces. Go to the top & hit "Save." E-mail completed forms to Be sure to contact Scott as soon as you decide you want to be audited in order to reserve a space in the auditor's queue. You can put a general time such as "Mid-August" on the line for Anticipated Date of Audit, and then negotiate the specific date with the Auditor later in the season.
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Documents Needed for GAPs Plans

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Costs and Equipment Associated with GAPs and Produce Safety

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Using Sanitizers in Wash Water

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Information on Traceability, Recalls, Liability & Crisis Communication




Crisis Planning and Communicating with the Media

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Produce Safety Videos

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Resources on Wash Station and Pack Shed Layout and Design

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Produce Safety Research and Data

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Food and Produce Safety Blogs and Listservs

Policy Updates on Food Safety Legislation and Regulations

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More Produce Safety Web Resources for Farmers

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