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Sustainable Agriculture Council Reports

Oilseed Farmers Research Group

The Sustainable Agriculture Council makes regular reports to the Vermont State Legislature to inform Vermont's lawmakers about the current state of research and growth in sustainable farming practices.

2015 Briefing Sheets on Issues in Vermont Sustainable Agriculture
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Includes information on Vermont Agriculture & Climate Change, Water Quality & Fisheries as a Food Source, Soil Health, Grazing & Livestock, Farm Viability, Rural Enterprises, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Farm Labor, Internships & Farm Labor Laws, Health Plans for Farmers, and Leasing Farmland.

2011 Report
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Includes reports on Farmers & Food Access, Economic Impacts of GAPs Certfication in Vermont, the Long-term Effects of Liquid Manure Fertilizer on Soil Health, and economic impacts of Tropical Storm Irene on Vermont agriculture.

2010 Report
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Provides a snapshot of sustainable agriculture in Vermont through the lens of the Farm to Plate Strategic Plan.

2009 Report
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Research summaries include "Understanding Vermont's Local Food Landscape," "Mapping Vermont's Local Food System," "Sustainable Food Sourcing and Distribution in the Vermont-Regional Food System," "Farm Energy Innovation in Vermont," "Developing Standards for Sustainable Biofuels in Vermont," and "A Feasibility Study of a Mobile Unit for Processing Oilseed Crops and Producing Biodiesel in Vermont," as well as other developments in sustainable agriculture.

2008 Report
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Includes "Local Food Sales: Food Co-ops and Country Stores" and "Alternatives for On-Farm Energy Enhancement in Vermont: Oilseeds for Feed and Fuel" reports.

2007 Report
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Research reports include those from on-farm energy production work, a local food systems update and long-term priorities for action.