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About Us

Farming & Climate Change

Our vision: Sustainable food systems that foster successful farmers, cultivate environmental stewardship and enhance the quality of life and vitality of our communities.

Our mission is to cultivate understanding and innovative practices and policies that advance sustainable food and farming in VT and beyond.

Our goals are in four realms of Vermont’s food systems:

More high-quality, sustainably produced local food is available to all Vermonters.
Vermont’s aspiring and experienced farmers have new options to enhance the quality of their lives, economic security and continuing success.
Farms increase the health of ecosystems: soil, water, air, climate and biodiversity.
Build leadership to promote sustainable food and farm practices.

To accomplish our work, we

  • Support farmers and communities through diverse approaches to collaborative learning and applied research;
  • Integrate scientific expertise and practical wisdom to identify ecologically-balanced and viable choices for farmers and communities;
  • Link aspiring and experienced farmers, communities, consumers, service providers, policy makers, scientists, and students to new resources, networks, and partnerships;
  • Build the capacities of our partners and those we serve to become transformational leaders and the catalysts for broader change; and
  • Share lessons broadly and increase access to current, relevant and credible information on sustainable agricultural practices.