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Vermont Organics Recycling Summit

April 7, 2016
124 Admin Drive, Randolph Center, VT 05061
Nicole Duch,, 802-223-9860

The Vermont Organics Recycling Summit is the state's premier annual event to showcase technologies and practices that help communities and businesses manage food scraps and organic residuals as a resource. 

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UVM Campus Diverts 40% of Its Waste from Landfill

From the Office of the President:  The numbers are in, and the news is good. In 2012, the UVM campus diverted 40% of its waste from landfill disposal through its recycling and composting efforts. Even better news: the amount of total solid waste generated by the campus has steadily been on the decline despite increases in square footage and campus population.

Make all recycling stations the same!

Every campus recycling station is different!  There is no way to know until you are standing in front of one what you can put into it, or which container your item should go into.  For example, you can compost only in Davis!  Some stations have containers for paper and everything else, other places you can sort bottles from paper or plastic... this makes people have to rethink their recycling decisions every time!  It makes no sense!  Let's make it easy for people who aren't recycling oriented -- have the same three or four bins everywhere with the same big colorful directions!


Move Out Week

May 9, 2011 to May 13, 2011


Too Much Stuff!  Give it up for Good!

UVM students! Donate your unwanted stuff during the last week of school - reduce the amount of waste you send to a landfill while helping out local non-profit groups. Last year, our program collected almost 5 tons-- or 10,000 pounds-- of clothing, food, toiletries and household items.

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